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Nlaka’pamux Environmental Management

To monitor, understand and protect our land and way of life

About the Program

The Lower Nicola Indian Band Nlaka’pamux Environmental Management Program (LNIB NEMP) is a branch of the Economic Development Department dedicated to monitoring and protecting LNIB land and natural resources.

Many plans and programs of the LNIB government administration focus on environmental stewardship. The NEMP is mandated to take a holistic approach to understanding cumulative impacts of the various human activities that occur within LNIB’s Traditional Territory and associated environmental trends over time. To achieve this, the NEMP collects, analyzes, and reports on environmental information within LNIB’s Traditional Territory.

Specifically, the NEMP focuses on understanding changes in our environment caused by human and natural activities. These changes can have both positive and negative environmental, cultural, social, economic, or governance impacts. Changes could include changes to salmon populations, decreases in native plants, or increases in member training opportunities. The environmental monitoring process includes a variety of knowledge sources, including Indigenous, local, and scientific knowledge.

The goal of the program is to provide information to LNIB decision-makers and community members that will support making wise decisions about how our land is managed now and into the future.

Action Plan

The Nlaka’pamux Environmental Management Program is guided by four key activity areas related to environmental monitoring:

  1. Work with LNIB members to understand key monitoring and research priorities based on community values
  2. Conduct monitoring and research of environmental activities
  3. Identify opportunities to protect community values
  4. Assess the impacts and effects over time
  5. Communicate results to decision-makers and community members

Supporting Decisions About our Environment

The LNIB Nlaka’pamux Environmental Management Program is focused on monitoring and understanding the impacts of development within LNIB’s Traditional Territory to support informed and effective environmental decision-making.

Informed decisions will support better outcomes for our community and future generations, helping achieve the LNIB vision of supporting our community’s needs and promote wellness, connectedness, and unity amongst our members and with our neighbors and exercise our inherent rights and responsibilities as the recognized titleholders for the lands and its resources within our Traditional Territory.

Communication with Community Members

The project team is committed to regular, two-way communication with LNIB community members. Staff will engage with the community to understand community priorities and report on results of the program.

Staff will share information on the LNIB website and Facebook page, as well as engage with members at in-person and virtual community events.

2021-01-21 Cumulative Effects Management Initiation Presentation

2021-04-29-NEMP-Presentation with Notes

2021-05-27- NEMP- Presentation with Notes

2021-06-24-NEMP-Presentation with Notes2021-07-29-NEMP-Presentation with Notes

2021-09-09-NEMP-Presentation with Notes

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