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Heritage Resources

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Heritage Resources

This part of the conditional agreement refers to things like sacred sites, hunting and gathering areas and other sites, areas or objects that have “archaeological, historical, traditional, cultural, spiritual, ceremonial, aesthetic, scientific or educational” importance to us.

This section of the agreement also includes:

  • Two LNIB-approved Nlaka’pamux environmental monitors would be on site during all construction in LNIB territory.
  • Kinder Morgan and its contractors would be committed to informing LNIB if any heritage resources are found during work, and will take steps to protect them. The agreement also clarifies that Kinder Morgan will not have any ownership rights over any heritage resource.
  • In the event of an emergency, Kinder Morgan will take steps necessary to protect LNIB heritage resources. During this type of situation, Kinder Morgan will try to obtain oral instructions from LNIB prior to undertaking any work that would impact any LNIB heritage resource.

The Gist

To ensure the protection of our heritage resources, the conditional agreement includes creating a Heritage Resource Policy. This is currently in progress, and will be available for all members to view well ahead of the vote on the conditional agreement.