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What’s Going On?

Now that the federal and provincial governments have approved the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP), Lower Nicola Indian Band (LNIB) must decide whether to move forward with a conditional Mutual Benefits Agreement (MBA) with Kinder Morgan. LNIB Council has approved a plan that will allow LNIB members to vote on whether to approve the MBA.

This vote will take place online and on the phone from February 23-25, 2017 with in-person voting on February 25, 2017. You can see the official vote notification HERE.

Understanding your opinions now will help us give you the information you need.

A Conditional Agreement That We Will Vote On

A conditional agreement has been created that will automatically be terminated if it is not approved by our community through a vote. If our people do not support the agreement, we will be free to walk away from it. Members can view full copies of the conditional agreement at community meetings. It will also be available to view in Vancouver, Kamloops and Merritt (please refer to the last page of this document for specific locations).

Many elements of the agreement – including the environmental oversight and spill prevention sections – cover the ‘Trans Mountain Pipeline System’, meaning they refer to both the old and proposed new pipe.

Quick Overview


The conditional agreement creates the time and space we need as a community to make a strong and united decision. An important condition of the agreement is that it must be approved by LNIB membership through a referendum. If LNIB membership does not approve the agreement, it can become null and void, in which case Kinder Morgan will inform the National Energy Board that LNIB’s conditional support has been revoked.

If approved, the agreement will stay in place for 20 years from the “In Service Date” of TMEP. On year 18 of the agreement, LNIB and Kinder Morgan will meet to discuss the terms on which this agreement may be extended.

Implementation Committee

If the agreement is approved, LNIB and Kinder Morgan will create an implementation committee to make sure the agreement is well implemented. This implementation committee would:

  • Include two LNIB and two Kinder Morgan representatives both appointed by their respective parties.
  • Meet two times per year.
  • Serve as a place to share information, oversee operations and address issues relating to the Trans Mountain Pipeline System.