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Jordana McIvor-Grismer

Housing Administrator


Housing Maintenance
Mel Blankinship

Ashley DeGray

Tenant Relations Coordinator


Housing Maintenance
Brendan Colter

Overview of Proposed Changes to the LNIB Rental Housing Policy

Following several years of implementing the 2019 LNIB Rental Housing Policy, the Housing Department has identified numerous issues and gaps in the Housing Policy that have led to technical and practical challenges, that result in inefficiencies and that risk leading to disputes about the intended meaning of certain provisions.

To resolve these issues, the Housing Manager, the Tenant Relations Coordinator, the Lands Manager and the Director of Lands and Housing have been meeting with legal counsel, Holly Vear, since September 2021 to develop proposed changes to the Housing Policy for Council’s consideration.

The objectives of the proposed changes are to:

  1. Communicate clear, detailed and consistent processes and rules about rental housing;
  2. Reduce the chances of disagreement about the processes and rules in the Housing Policy; and
  3. Administer the rental housing program in an impartial and reasonable way that accounts for the need for housing among LNIB Members, the costs of maintaining LNIB’s rental housing stock and that complies with the principles of procedural fairness.

The proposed changes are meant to benefit Tenants and individuals seeking rental housing and will support the Housing Department and the Appeals Committee in their interpretation and implementation of the Housing Policy.

You may review each proposed change in the red-line version of the Rental Housing Policy. In addition, a detailed breakdown of the proposed changes can be reviewed in the Proposed Changes to the Housing Policy Table.

Table of Proposed Changes to the Housing Policy_2022-02-09

Paying your rent:  E-Transfers are preferred (pay to

Housing is a major community issue and one that members take very seriously. Currently, there are approximately 259 homes spread between six of our reserves.

LNIB’s Housing Department is responsible for managing the housing program. This includes property management functions, planning and construction of new houses, and maintenance and upkeep of the housing stock, as well as the relationship with Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation, First Nations Market Housing Fund, and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

Who Can Rent Housing from LNIB:

Anyone as long as they don’t have arrears owed to LNIB, or have a serious criminal record.

Rent is due on the first day of each month. If rent is not received by the 5th day, an eviction notice may be given. The Tenant will have 10 days to pay the rent or must vacate the premises.

Pets: Under section 15.0 of the Housing Policy, pets are allowed at single family dwellings and duplexes. Tenants must follow the animal control bylaw which places restrictions on the number of animals permitted.

Community Events

2022 APR 15 – MAY 15 // Annual Spring Cleanup

2022 MAY 04 // Open House at 2756 Cougar Cres.

2022 MAY 18 // Housing Policy Changes