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Shulus Community and Medicine Garden

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The Shulus Community Gardens grow fresh, pesticide free produce for the Lower Nicola Indian Band Community.  Indoor seeds are planted in March to April, and the seeds are planted directly into the garden May Long Weekend.  This year the garden with use row covers to plant under and companion plants for pest management.  There are compost bins and a worm farm to help amend and fertilize garden soil.  The Shulus Community Garden is twice the size for vegetable crops and the Medicine Garden will available to plant traditional food, teas, herbs and medicinal plants.  A portable from the LNIB School has been relocated to the south end of the garden area.  We will use the portable as a garden office and a class room to host garden workshops.  The Community is encouraged to get involved with the community garden programs and activities.

This year the Shulus Gardens has expanded both in terms of physical size and scope of project:

  • Education programs for the community on how to start a garden, choose seeds, container planting, harvesting and storing and more
  • Expanded garden with more crops, and planting of fruit trees
  • Family gardening plots available to community families who wish to grow their own food
  • Addition of bee hives
  • Rebuild of the Traditional Medicine Garden

Shulus Garden Programs are as following:

  • Gardening Workshops TBA
  • Volunteer Program that will trade produce for your volunteered hours
  • Produce through LNIB Community Health Programs
  • Produce to the Community Soup Kitchen, Elders, Good Food Box

We are accepting donated garden supplies and/or materials.

Volunteers are gratefully welcomed!  You can just show up- Monday to Friday during business hours.

Be sure to wear sunscreen and appropriate gardening clothing.  Tools will be supplied, as will information on what needs to be done!

If you are interested in creating your own family veggie plot, Contact:

Lorna Shuter at (250) 936-8365 or email

Shulus Garden Produce & Price List

2124 Nawishaskin Lane, Shulus, LNIB

Phone: (250) 936-8365 or (250) 378-7561

Produce Name:

Unit Price:

$1.50 lb
$1.00 lb
$1.50 lb
$1.50 bunch
Romain Lettuce
$1.50 bunch
Buttercrunch Lettuce
$1.50 bunch
Swiss Chard
$2.00 bunch
$2.50 lb
$1.00 lb
$2.00 lb
$2.00 lb
$.80 lb
$2.00 lb