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No Burning effective Immediately

By March 20, 2020March 22nd, 2020No Comments

Effective immediately there is a fire ban on all LNIB lands.

We had a report yesterday evening about someone spotting a person lighting fires.  As you are aware, we have a burning ban on for LNIB and so this is undoubtedly suspicious (the person was seen running away).  IF YOU SEE SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY, INCLUDING LIGHTING FIRES, YOU SHOULD CALL 911.  911 WILL DISPATCH THE FIRE DEPARTMENT AND POLICE.

The fire ban was put in place to ensure that our workers don’t become exhausted due to uncontrolled burning. With the current crisis happening in our communities our frontline workers need to take all precautions necessary to be healthy when we are required to respond to emergencies.

COVID 19 is a respiratory virus and we don’t need to add to breathing problems by putting smoke in the air.  Allergy season is also starting – let’s all do our part to keep people’s immune systems and lung function working as best as possible.  We realize that it is the time of year that we normally do the spring burning; this year it is not possible. As a community we have to take extra precautions at this time.  So no burning – pass the word.”