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Lands Management Advisory Committee vacancies

By August 11, 2021No Comments

The Lands Management Advisory Committee (LMAC) is seeking interested and qualified members to serve a four year term.

Lower Nicola Indian Band

Lands Management Advisory Committee Vacancy


Term: 4 year term

Department: Lands

Hours: Evening hours required


Summary of responsibilities

We are looking for dedicated and engaged LMAC Committee members who can bring different skill sets to the new land management regime at Lower Nicola Indian Band, such as interpreting and understanding survey work; dispute resolution; land use planning; environmental protection; policy and law development; financial literacy; research and writing; and/or community engagement.



  • Any LNIB Member, whether resident on or off LNIB Land, 18 years or older;
  • Cannot be convicted of an offence that was prosecuted by way of indictment except for a conviction for an offense where the person was involved in the support or defense of an aboriginal right or title;
  • Cannot have any undischarged bankrupt or owe money to LNIB; and
  • Cannot be convicted of a corrupt practice in connection with an election, including but not limited to, accepting a bribe, dishonesty or wrongful conduct.
  • Obtain Criminal Record Check


Apply To: Deadline to apply: August 31th, 2021

Lower Nicola Indian Band

181 Nawishaskin Lane

Merritt, BC V1K 0A7



Interested members, please submit a resume and cover letter that highlight your relevant lands knowledge and experience including three references.


As per section 33.4 of the LNIB Land Code, members of the Lands Management Advisory Committee shall be appointed by Council so as to ensure a broad representation of the LNIB membership.


Thanks to all who apply.