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Chinook Fishery to Thursday August 19 2021 and gillnets allowed to August 17

By August 11, 2021August 13th, 2021No Comments

2021.08.19 LNIB Chinook (XFSC 240-Amend #1 2021)

2021.08.13 LNIB Chinook (XFSC 240-Amend #2 2021)

Attached is an addition to the existing Chinook license of Gillnets (8 inch mesh) from Aug 13 6PM to Aug 17 6PM. Chinook with dipnet and rod and reel is also currently licensed until Thursday August  19th at 6 PM.

Due to conservation concerns, all sockeye must be released (dead or alive). Gillnets must be 8 inch mesh and all gillnets must be attended. Nets left un-attended will be removed.

Now Extended to 6 PM Thursday August 19 2021  Dipnet and Rod and Reel only

Kanaka and Siska will remain closed at this time.

Please Respect all Evacuation Orders and Alerts.


For current information on open fisheries please call 1-877-256-4854